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5 signs your are heading towards the affairs club

“Am I going to end up having an affair” is a question that I think everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives. In this blog, we are going to discuss the symptoms of wanting to join the affairs club and then we are going to discuss personality traits that may help you work out if you will or will not end up having an affair.

5 things that lead to an affair

1.     The first and most obvious is a lack of sex in your marriage. The ongoing joke is that one you get married, the sex goes out of the window. Unfortunately, this joke is based in reality. For many people, sex can drop by over 50% within 3 years of getting married. This can cause unbearable frustration in men and women causing them to want to look elsewhere.

2.     Many women decide to have an affair as they have realized that their current partner is not the right match for them and want to line another man up before they have a divorce. This is perfectly normal and almost quite sensible. Many women do not want to be left by themselves so sleeping with another man ensure the fact they will have someone waiting for them after the break up.

3.     Sexual frustration in the workplace. Let's face it, we spend most of our living hours at work. If you are working with a colleague that you find sexually attractive, you may be spending more time with her than you actual wife. It is very easy to start developing a feeling for people in the workplace. Before you know it, these feeling can become unbearable for many men leading them straight into the affairs club.

4.     A lack of attention, perhaps you are having sex at home but you almost feel like you are not getting enough attention outside the bedroom. A relationship is often 90% about what is happening outside the bedroom, you may be having sex once a week, but if you don’t even touch for the rest of the time? You might find yourself having an affair just to have that little bit of attention you are craving.

5.     You hate your partner, perhaps they are being horrible to you and you simply feeling joining the affair club will really hurt them. Stick a knife in their side so to speak. Hundreds of marriages end in divorce out of spite.

So these are 5 reasons you might be heading towards a fling outside of your marriage. Now you have to decide how unbearable you think it might be to fight these urges for the rest of your life? If you think you can stand it then you may be able to avoid the affairs club but if you feel like spending the rest of your life only sleeping with one person sounds like hell, then what are you waiting for?

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