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Affairs in Coventry

Are you interested in having a horny affair behind your partner’s back in Coventry? If so then join the club, we have hundreds of men and women who are all eager to have some sex outside their marriage.

Meet women who want affairs in Coventry

“I signed up to this site because I thought my husband was having an affair. I wanted to try and catch him in the act so signed up to some of the most popular dating sites in Coventry. I know that there are some big sites like Ashley Madison but everyone in Coventry knows that the biggest affair site around here is My Sex Connect. Everyone talks about it. I swear half of Coventry are signed up to it. I thought I would sign up and catch my husband. I was interested to see what that prick wrote on his profile. I signed up, and before I knew it, I was scrolling through some of the hot guys and their profiles.

It was is incredible the number of people who I knew that were on the site. There were even some of my friend’s husbands signed up. I was going to message them to tell them, but I realised that I quite liked them. I was just about to delete my account when one of my best friends husbands messaged me saying that he didn’t realise I was on the site and that he always thought I was hot. I couldn’t believe it, but I did understand that I also thought he was hot and sometimes when I was having sex with my husband I would picture myself having sex with this guy instead. If there was ever a chance to fuck this man it was now. I messaged back saying that I thought he was hot and that I was free if he fancied having a shag. He left work and came straight to our house. He fucked me so hard on our couch. It was amazing. I suddenly realised how much I enjoyed living life this. It was totally addictive. I started to invite him over more regularly, and it became a full-blown affair in Coventry. In fact, at one point he and his wife came over to our house for food and earlier that day he was fucking me on the table that we eat our food off. No one suspected a thing, and we had such a good time. I plan on having more sex with him and that would never of happened if it was not for this site.”

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