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Ashley Affairs

Have you recently heard about the scandal with the website Ashley Madison? If you haven’t then where have you been? In a nutshell, hackers got into the database of Ashley Madison and released information on all of the people who had signed up to the site. People could literally do a search and see if their partners had signed up to this website saying that they were looking to cheat.

With millions of married men and women all over the world signed up to this site, this was obviously a really big problem. It turned out that people were even committing suicide over this (so pretty big news).

Why are we different to Ashley Madison?

Well first things first, we have never been hacked. But obviously, Ashley Madison said the same thing up to about 4 months ago. Since the scandal, all online dating website has really upped their game to make sure that no one can get into the back end. We now have someone who mans the back-end database, he has to give you a code for you to be able to get anywhere near the coding of the site. Not only this but we are working even harder than ever with online dating protector the make sure our database is clean.

Cleaning up our act.

On top of this, we have started to really drill down to people who may not be using this website to its full potential. We have begun to remove all inactive members from our database. It is a huge job to make sure that every single person that is signed up to Affair sex connect is a legitimate person who is actively using the website to find sex. Have you ever been on a dating website before where you suspect that the website is not full of genuine members who are looking for their next shag? Well, this is probably because people did sign up looking for a relationship for an affair and found one so decided to move on. But they never removed their profile so you might be sending a message to someone who just isn’t interested in meeting you any more. Since we have cleaned up our database we have actually noticed the amount of activity on the website has gone up. More people are meeting up and spending more time on the site since everyone is an active member.

If you are interested in having sex with a married man or woman today after finding of Ashley Madison then why not sign up today and find your next fling.

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