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Cheating sex is the best sex

If you’re in a happy relationship then this article probably won’t interest you… or will it? Because we’ve just quizzed over 500 of our members here at and they all admit that the sex they have when cheating on their partner is the best sex of their lives!

As scary as this might be to read, it comes as no real big surprise to us. Of course sex you know you shouldn’t be having is always going to be more thrilling. The risk of being caught by your partner, or a stranger makes for such an intense sexual experience it’s hardly surprising men and women go back to it time and time again to cheat.

We’ve spoke to one of our very open and honest members who have never met each other to ask them what it is about cheating sex that really is so good! Her name, age and location has been changed for security and confidentiality.

 “I’ve been with my husband for over 8 years. It was around 2 years ago that our relationship really started to hit rock bottom. We were clearly both very unhappy with each other and the spark and romance had really faded from what was once a very healthy partnership. Rather than admit our problems upfront we both, without knowing, decided to get our kicks from illicit affairs. Although I knew it was wrong, at the time I had my kids and livelihood to think about, as I’m sure my husband did as well.

I used several different affair websites to meet men for casual sex up and down the UK. It was an incredibly exciting and thrilling time. I’d normally chat to men for a couple of weeks before trusting them to meet up with me. I’d always use a pseudonym to help disguise my identity and remain discreet and untraceable, something this dating site promotes, which is really helpful.

I’d normally meet these men in hotel rooms that we’d book for the night, or in the case of really getting to know someone, sometimes for an entire weekend. I’d tell my husband I’d be away with work, which was believable as I’m a consultant at a high-flying investment banking firm. The sex was always unbelievable, I’ve never felt passion or chemistry like it – especially with the other married men I’d sleep with, they were always the most into it.

I guess it’s not hard to believe when you’ve been having sex with the same woman for most of your life, to have the chance to taste something different is almost unbeatable. That’s certainly how I felt meeting these new guys. The pleasure I felt from the sex mixed with the notion of being caught was enough to get me addicted instantly.

In a funny twist of fate, only 2 years later after I was seeking extramarital affairs, my own husband admitted to me that he had too had been cheating on me with several other sexual partners.  We spoke at lengths about our feelings, worries and insecurities, something we should have definitely done before looking to cheat on each other. We’re now happily back together, and have put the past behind and used it to help propel our relationship to healthier, happier heights.

However, what I will say, after experiencing sex as a married woman and coming out of it unscathed on the other side – I’ll never forget it. Even after all these years of deleting my profile, whenever I’m back on the internet I’m always drawn towards typing a certain URL into the address bar…”

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