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Affair dating Edinburgh

If you are living in Edinburgh and looking for an affair then this is the best affair sex dating site for you. We are here to help you have sex with as many women or men that you would like whilst in your marriage,

Having an affair is all about keeping it discreet. The secret to having an Edinburgh affair is to keep everything exactly the same. 9/10 women say that they know when their husband is having an affair because their routine beings to change and they suddenly start putting more effort into their appearance.

The secret is to act the exact same way you were before but whilst having sex with another woman when your wife thinks you are doing something else like going to the gym or stuck in traffic on the way home from work.

Here is a testimonial of a wife who found out her Edinburgh husband was cheating on her. This will give you a good idea of what to avoid.

“I knew my husband was cheating because all of a sudden he started to put a lot off effort into his appearance, especially when he was going to work and then on the weekend he was going to the gym and trying to get into shape. It was so obvious, then he was regularly being held at work or getting stuck I traffic and arriving home one or two hours late from work every single week. On top of this, he would come home smelling of perfume, it literally took me about three weeks before I decided to go and park outside his work. It turns out he was having an affair with his secretary. I could see them up in his office fucking.

Anyway, I decided that it was time I started to have my own fun so I signed up to affair sex connect in Edinburgh and started to chat to guys online who wanted to meet up for a quickie. I started to doll myself up and tell my husband I was going out with the girls and I would head out to a local hotel and fuck these men and then return home smelling for aftershave. It didn’t take long before my husband knew what was going on and I could tell it was killing him. He could not say anything because he was doing the exact same thing.

Then one night he started crying and told me he was having an affair and said that he knew I was having one too but I just denied it and said I was not having an affair and simply kept on doing what I was doing. It killed him and I got my own back. Now we are divorced and I am loving single life and I am still signed up to affair sex connect as it gives me all the sex I could need.

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