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Five things you must do if you’re going to have an affair

So if you’ve finally decided to join the millions of people around the world who are enjoying some extramarital fun and casual sex you might be wondering how to successfully claim a slice of the pie for yourself. You could, of course, go head first into the experience and learn as you go along. Or you could take some advice built on years of experience and let us help you learn the best practices and what to do and not to do when seeking your first illicit encounter.

Be careful what you share

When you meet someone new it’s easy to get a little too open and friendly, especially if you click from that very first introduction. But it’s important to remember that this is just a fling, you’re not here to find the love of your life, or get happily married, so make sure you treat this as just a bit of fun, nothing more. Be conscious and aware of what information you are sharing, this could end up landing out in hot water later down the line. Finally make sure whatever you do, you keep personal information like phone numbers, addresses and names out of the conversation!

Send out the right type of message

Make sure to only communicate with other members using the instant messaging service on our affair dating site. Don’t allow the conversation to flow on any other platform other than this service. As soon as you start communicating with personal mobile phones or email addresses you are opening yourself up to getting caught. The reason we offer a messaging service on our site is for this very reason, to stop you getting caught!

Don’t just accept the first person you encounter

We understand that you are obviously going to be very keen and enthusiastic to finally be free from the confines of your marriage and jump into bed with the first person that shows your interest, but try to not just accept the very first member you meet. You need to go into this situation cautiously, it’s important to meet the right type of member for an affair. Always start by looking at their profile and have a few good questions lined up that you ask any new member. If you don’t agree with any of their answers, move on, there are plenty more fish in the sea and this just isn’t worth the risk.

Play safe, not sorry

If everything has gone to plan and you’ve met exactly the right kind of member for playing away with then you’re probably full of excitement and passion. At this time it’s all too easy to get head over heels and forget about the basic rules of safety. Our advice is to always make sure you take condoms or make sure he has some, never have unprotected sex.

Choosing the right place to meet

If you’re at the stage where you’ve found the right person for your very first illicit encounter it’s time to step up the game and choose where to meet! We advise that you choose a public place, but it’s important not to select a place where you both might bump into someone you know… Discretion is the key here, find somewhere away from where you both live and isn’t going to be too busy or lively for your first meetup.

The kind of people you could meet

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