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We are currently in the middle of the Christmas season. While everyone around you is pretending to be really jolly, you are feeling a bit upset because you simply are not having enough sex. You are wishing you could be shagging a hot wife on Christmas day but instead you are spending it with your mum and dad. Or perhaps you do have a wife but the sex has completely dried up and you are dreading spending the rest of your life in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to suck your dick.

20% of affairs happen at Christmas

Well, this scenario is very common. For some reason, Christmas really accentuates this causing many people to have an affair over the Christmas period. In fact 20% of the affairs that are happening through out the year start at Christmas.

Let's explore some of the reasons this might be the case

1.“Tis the season to be jolly”

As mentioned, the fact that this is the season to be jolly really makes you aware of areas of your life that might be making you feel really unhappy! For people who are in an unhappy relationship, Christmas can be a really miserable time.

2. Christmas party

You have been flirting with your sexy secretary all year round. Masturbating over her and even imaging she was your wife and you have been shagging her. Then comes the Christmas party. A night where you are going to be stuck in a room with her all dolled up and completely pissed. You also pissed and the two of you cannot get your hands off each other. You have an excuse for the first time in a year to be out pissed with this girl and your wife will not suspect a thing. If anything was ever going to happen it is going to be now.

3. The holidays.

The run-up to Xmas can be a really busy time in work, longer hours, higher stress. A bit of flirty relief in the office can be just the thing to keep you going. This also means you spend more time with that girl at work than you are your wife. This is going to be a prime time to up the flirting and then the Christmas party is that huge crescendo.

4. It is a very lovely dove time of year.

Even if you are not in a relationship, you will be seeing a lot more couples around acting really “coupley”. This is enough to make anyone want to go on a few winter dates. In our opinion winter is a great time to be dating, for some reason it is a really romantic time of year and with the weather being so crap, its great to spend it inside, fucking your Christmas fuck buddy!

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