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How to have an Affair

Are you looking to have an affair but not really sure how to go about doing it? Did you just type into google “how to have an affair”? Then this blog is going to give you some useful, real-life tips on how to go about having an affair without ANYONE finding out.

Reasons people cheat.

There are tones of the reason people have affairs, whether you have fallen out of love with your current partner or even just finding yourself falling in love with someone else accidentally. The biggest moral question when you decide to start sleeping with someone from outside your marriage is, are you doing it secretly or are you secretly hoping that your partner will find out?

If you are only really having the affair to evoke emotion in your partner, this blog isn’t really for you, unless of course, you want to do the complete opposite to the advice we give to spark off concern in your current partner. In fact, if you only reason you are having an affair is to upset your partner, it might be an idea to do go against some of our advice and you may set off suspicion without even having to sleep with someone

So here is the advice:

When you are having an affair, do not lie to both parties. If the man or woman that you are sleeping with is unaware that you have a wife or husband, this is a recipe for disaster. It means that they do not realize they are partaking in a wrong-doing. I am also guessing that the reason you wouldn’t want to tell them is that they wouldn’t like the thought of sleeping with a married person.

This causes a whole host of issues, what happens when they want to come over to your house. What happens when your wife rings and you are with your mistress.? This lie will very quickly come out and then that person might make it their business to try and screw you over by telling your wife.

Meeting a woman online will really help here as this person is a complete stranger and will have no contact with your wife at all so will never have the chance to screw you over. Sites like Affair sex connect go to lengths to help keep your affair private,

Don’t change too much

One of the biggest reasons that most people realize their other half is having an affair is not because they get caught but because their partner simply suspect something is going on. This suspicion often leads to questioning and eventually the truth comes out. Some of the things that cause suspicion are less time spent together; staying late at the office, away too often with “work”. On top of this there might be a change in appearance such as suddenly a new wardrobe, suddenly a new lease of pride in your appearance will always look like you are trying to impress someone.

If you want to keep this affair as quiet as possible the secret is to not change anything, come home at the same times, do not change your wardrobe all at once, act normal!

Have a decoy

Just in case things get a little too close for comfort, it is important to have a friend who is there to have your back. So if it all goes wrong they will vouch for you. A scenario that is quite common is to say you are somewhere when a partner can quite easily contact that place directly. This can be a problem because if they suspect you are lying they might try to catch you out. If you are planning on having an affair, always have a friend who knows that you are with that person so they can vouch they are with you if your wife or husband ever calls up.

Of course, the next issue is what happens if you partner calls your friend and asks to speak to you. The secret is to have a location of where you are, so, for example, your friend gets a call, she can say “she is with me, but she has just popped to Sainsbury’s to get a bottle of wine. Then if you get a call, you know you can say “I am with my friend but I have just popped out to get a bottle of wine so both stories add up”

The problem is, lying and cheating is going to give you a fair bit of guilt. There will be times when your adrenaline is going. For some people, this feeling is unbearable, but for others, it can be the thrill they are looking for. Take a moment to decide which one it is for you.

Remember, if you never want to be caught, it is always a case of thinking 10 steps ahead and having a backup plan.

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