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I think my fuck buddy has a wife

We have letters sent to us all of the time with people who think that their fuck buddy might have a wife. Some of the letters often start like this

“ I have been seeing this man now for the last couple of months and I have reason to believe that he might secretly be seeing another woman or might even bee married. How would I know if he is actually married or not?”

So we thought we would create a blog to help you identify whether you lover is secretly going home to a wife after he has had sex with you.

How to find out.

There are more obvious things to do and less obvious things to do so we have put together a list with some of the best ways to identify if this man is actually having an affair.

1.     Have you ever thought about just asking him? If all you are interested in is sex, then you are not really going to care what else he is doing. However, if you don’t really like the fact he is having sex with other women, or perhaps you don’t like the thought of being part of an affair you may have to dig a bit deeper than just asking as this man could easily deny it.

2.     Perhaps ask him to meet up at slightly more unusual times such as Saturday morning or even Sunday night. Times he is more likely to be with him wife. If he says no, see what answer he gives, does it sound at all suspicious? For example if he is telling you he is in work on Saturday morning then he is probably lying.

3.     After he has left you leave it exactly 1 hour and give him a ring, if he never answers that might be that he has gone back to his wife.

4.     Why not check his ring finger? Of course he will have taken his ring off before he meets you but there might be a mark where a ring had previously been?

5.     Ask him how he feels about men having affairs. Just bringing this subject up might make him feel a bit uncomfortable.

6.     Add him on facebook or simply look him up on facebook. This is ultimately going to be the quickest way to find out.

When all said and done, if you suspect that the man you are sleeping with is in fact married and it doesn’t sit well with you then you don’t have many options other than leaving him, or just let him know that if he is having affair you not longer want to keep sleeping together?

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