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My illicit affair story

How I got away with cheating with a married husband and had an illicit affair

From time to time we have members that wish to share with us their married dating stories taken from the real experiences they have from meeting members on our site.

Obviously, for privacy and confidentiality, we always disguise the member's details like name, age, location, etc so that their married partner can’t find out. This might come across as looking cheap and nasty, but you must remember that married adults seek illicit encounters for a whole host of reasons.

After they find our website, they’re suddenly surrounded by thousands of adults all in the same situation as them, looking to cheat and have an affair. This is what makes our website so exciting and fresh, all our members have come here either looking for to go behind their partners back (for reasons of their own), or share the fantasy of having casual sex encounters with real married wives or husbands.

This is true of our member Rachel. Who was using our site in 2015 and had a year-long affair with Simon, a married man from the Midlands? She reached out to us and asked if we could share her illicit story.

The Introduction

My name is Rachel I am 25 and I’ve always enjoyed taking a risk and finding excitement in the most controversial of places.

My parents would probably describe me as that child that would always do the opposite of what I was told. I guess you could call me rebellious – but it’s not that I want to cause trouble all the time, It’s more my curious nature and thrill for excitement and the risk of being caught.

I suppose you could argue that’s what led me to join and meet Simon.

The Background

I’ve been promiscuous for as long as I can remember. I was the first girl at school to kiss a boy, that trend pretty much continued until I lost my virginity in the school assembly building during the leaver's ball. I remember how exciting it was, and that the risk of being caught was so intense and satisfying  I became addicted to sex like a new drug addicted.

Since then I’ve not really stopped my journey of excitement. I’ve screwed guys at work in the supply cupboard, in the back of their cars in the work car-park, emailed photos of tits and arse around the office. I’ve even performed on webcam, not on those crappy sites but over Skype to men, and women I have met.

The Story

I was at home looking for my next slice of all-excitement-pie and I saw an article on my Facebook news feed that a friend had posted. It was about men and women meeting up on dating websites to have affairs.

Of course, my curiosity got the better of me in no time. I was signed up to this site within moments and already chatting to married men from all over the UK. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not a cold heartless bitch – I knew I was being a bit of a home-wrecker, but a lot of the time these married men felt justified in their illicit activities, either because of suspecting their wives cheating on them, not wanting to have sex with them, or just due to a general decline of their relationship.

Either way, they wanted me, and I wanted them. So after a couple of weeks of chatting, flirting I decided to meet my favourite male member, Simon. He was twice my age and had been married for 12 years with 2 kids.

I’ll never forget our first meeting. His wife was away for the weekend with his kids. He invited me over to a huge house in the countryside. We spent the entire weekend fucking all over his house, it was the most intense, incredible sex I have ever had. His wife and kids literally came home 30 minutes after I left. I ever left a pair of my panties behind, and text him whilst she was there. He loved the trill as much as I did.

Since that day I was meeting with Simon for almost a year. Then he had to leave the country for work. I don’t really miss him, just the sex and thrill of the situation. I’m not that down about it though, there’s plenty more married fish in the sea looking for illicit affairs…

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