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Secret Affair

There are two types of people when it comes to having an affair, the type of people who know that a divorce is on the horizon and really don’t mind if their partners find out about the affair. On the other hand, you will have people who love their partner and do not want to hurt them but are simply tired of having sex with the same person and want to have a secret affair

There have been many studies done that suggest that the human brain is not wired to have sex with the same person for the rest of our lives. When all said and done, we are animals and we were really made to breed with as many people as possible. So by sticking to one person for the rest of our lives, we are battling against a very strong urge. However, love and guilt are also very strong emotions. If you are going to have an affair and you don’t want to upset anyone the aim of the game is to keep it a secret

Here are a couple of reason that you affair sex connect helps your keep your affair secret!

1.     We do not appear on your bank statements as Affair sex connect, this could be the stupidest thing we could do, we will appear as Venntro Media, this literally has nothing to do with any sort of online dating platform and will really help you keep this one quite from your partner.

2.     A service that is easy to cancel in an instant, we have had a couple of close calls where people have called up and said, remove my profile as soon as possible, my wife saw my internet history. We can cancel memberships in less than 5 minutes if required. When you account is deleted, so will your profile, messages and all information. You will be gone without a trace or any record you were ever on the site.

3.     We have had suspicions wives and husbands calling up to see if their other half is on the site. In these situations, your information is obviously kept confidential. We deny any existence of you on the site.

4.     We give you a quick log out feature, so if you are ever walked in on, you can log out and leave the site in seconds.

5.     We give away weekly advice on how to go about not getting caught and keeping your sexy affair secret. Just stay posted on this blog and we give away top tips each week!

If you are thinking about having an affair but want to go with a dating site that fully understands the importance of your other half not finding out, then we are the site for you!

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