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The marital affair challenge

Marital affair is probably the most famous affair dating site in the UK. It is the Ashley Madison of the UK. But we have a challenge for you. Sign up to Marital Affair and Affair Sex Connect and after one month, see which site has brought you more sex.

Even though Affair Sex Connect is new we believe we own the best affair site in the UK. When we brought Sex to connect to the UK, our goal was to run all of the top dating sites and put them all in one place for people to find and use quickly and easily. When it came to affair dating we realised there were hundreds of website all competing to get people who wanted to have an affair. We signed up to every single affair site in the UK from Marital affair to Illicit encounters and many many other.

With each site, we went through a series of tests to work out which ones were the best.

1.     We signed up to see how much each site cost, this was always going to be a big factor.

2.     We checked to see if the site was easy to use on mobile, these days people want to have their affairs on the go. We had to make sure that the site worked well on all devices.

3.     We contacted the other members while we were on the site to see what they said about it. Did they like it? Did they think it was worth the money? Were they even having much sex off the back of it?

4.     We got real men and women who were looking to have affairs and got them all to let us know which site is the site they would sign up to if they were on their own.

After extensive research, we attached our brand “Sex Connect” to the site that came up top in all the fields above. The site we chose was the best of money, all the members we contacted said it was the best dating site they had joined up too and all of the men and women who we got to sign up to a cross-section of affair sites said that this was by far the site they would sign up to if they were to do it privately.

Unfortunately, Marital Affair was not the site that we attached our site to

This made us wonder, if affair sex connect, was by far the best affair dating site that had been rated by the people, then why was marital affair the most famous UK affair site

We want to know. Please sign up to marital affair today and also to affair sex connect. Let us know which site you think is the best and let us know. Any reviews that are sent in will be published live on our site and to say thank you we will give you a year free membership on the site. This will last for the next three months until July 27th. Past this date, we will only allow one months membership. We want to make sure that we continue to make this site the best it can be, if another site is doing something better than we are, then we want to know about it.

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