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What to look for in a dating site for affairs

With so many websites out there promoting affairs, how do you know which one to choose?

if you’ve decided to cheat on your partner, and don’t worry we are not here to judge you, let us help guide you in choosing the right dating site to help you get away with cheating.

A quick Google search will instantly bring up hundreds of site choices for you to browse through. And on the surface, they will all look pretty similar  -but it’s like a car, underneath the bonnet is where the real differences that will help lead you to your final decision are found.

We’ve gone through many of the married dating sites out there that are promoting affairs, including our very own, to present with you a check-list of features that you’ll seriously want to consider before partying with your cash, or your conscience.

Make sure it gives you the option to stay anonymous

When thinking about joining any affair site, confidentiality is going to always be your number #1 priority. This is important for two reasons. Firstly for those that you meet through the site, these are going to be people you have casual sex with. You want to remain as anonymous to them as they are to you. So make sure you don’t have to disclose any personal information about yourself unless you want to.

Secondly, let’s say you join an affair site and it turns out not being the right one for you, or you get cold feet and suddenly want to clear all trace of your decision – you need a site that gives you the ability to clearly, and undoubtedly delete your profile off their system, completely. If you can’t do that, then we’d suggest being very, very careful what information you provide.

What security and protection features does it offer?

With the recent Ashley Madison hacking scandal still firmly on the news radar, security and protection tools are not a given. Make sure you take a look at what encryption and firewall protection any site is using to safeguard itself against hackers. Take a look at the top left-hand corner, is it using an SSL certificate? If it is, then this is a major positive, and should not be overlooked, as site’s offering this level of security, clearly have your best interests at heart.

The other quick point to mention is credit card billing information? If you join up to a site called, My Affair Site – do you really want that coming up on your credit card bill if you end up paying for a full membership? We don’t think so, look in the Terms & Conditions on any marital affair site to see if they disguise or mask the payment name to something other than the website name. If they don’t well you better hope you have a secret bank account from your partners, or you’re very good at talking yourself out of a hole.

Does it modify all members that join to make sure their intentions are genuine?

When it comes to joining any dating site, there should be some level of moderation carried out by the company in charge. The trouble is that this modification can vary, in very big and different ways.

Some sites won’t require any verification to prove you are who you say you are and will let anyone with a curiosity in. Avoid this sites like the plague, they will undoubtedly be run by time wasters and individuals with no real interest in what you’re looking for.

Instead, stick with sites that clearly modify every member profile be activating it live in the member's community. These sites are actively promoting a similar experience for all members involved, and won’t stand for time wasters or disingenuous members whose intentions clearly don’t fit the type of site they’re attempting to join.

Can you trust it?

Whenever you land on a website that looks like it’s offering what you want to ask yourself this very important question, can you trust it? What does your gut instinct say about this site? Does it load quickly, can you see other member photos? Does it include testimonials, comparisons or even terms and conditions?

Make sure you spend some time navigating around these sites to get a true, clear feeling about its authenticity. If there s any part of you that’s unconvinced by its service, or what it says it can offer, close it down and move on – 9 times out of 10 your gut instinct will always be right.

Does it offer a free membership trial before you buy?

Sites like this generally are more legitimate than sites that don’t offer free membership trials. If you have the chance to try a free trial then we suggest you take it. This works on the same principle as a test drive for a new car you want. You wouldn’t just go into the car forecourt and drive away without testing a car you want to buy first, so why do any different with a dating site?

We hope you found this check-list of things to look out for when finding the right affair dating site for you. If you’re looking for a place to being your search, may we suggest trying our very own married dating site? We offer a free trial that will hopefully tickle your fancy.

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