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Am I a bad person for cheating?

Whenever a husband, or wife, decides to cheat on their partner they are understandably left with an overwhelming sense of guilt and shame. At this point, it is easy for anyone on the outside looking in to cast judgement on this person and brand them an evil, awful human being for cheating on their married partner.

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion and unfortunately in life there will always be individuals that don’t look at the bigger picture and will only call you out on the actions you have been convicted of, and not the reasons as to why you may have done it, or what lead you to make that decision in the first place.

We at are not condoning cheating, in a perfect world, a married husband and wife would live happily ever after in a loving and caring relationship where they never put a foot out of line. However, we also realise that this outlook on life is naive, to say the least. To think that all married couples will stay together is simply not realistic, with around 50% of marriages ending in divorce, you have to acquaint a proportion of these down to affairs.

It’s always very easy to point the finger at someone and condemn them for being a bad person, but do you really know the background to their decision? Have you ever yourself been put in a situation where you have done something wrong but felt almost trapped, or pushed into doing it? How would you have felt at that point if someone called you aside and told you that your scum, or a terribly bad person, without ever actually hearing your side of the story? Would you feel that a person was justified in their opinion of you without hearing the full story?

All we are trying to get across is that sometimes affairs happen because of a breakdown in a relationship, and the cheating part is the last nail in the coffin. It might even be in some cases that a person felt pushed into having an affair, either for the feeling of love or admiration that they weren’t getting from their partner. Maybe the spark in their relationship has gone out, they have tried everything to ignite it again, but nothing has worked. When you’re faced with this situation people can make impulse decisions, and it’s at times like these when affairs are most likely to happen.

So to go back to the original title of this blog post, I am a bad person for cheating? No, you are not a bad person. You are a human and you react to situations and events with your heart, not always your head. Everyone has the right to label you a bad person from a one-sided viewpoint, but unless they come and talk to you and hear your side of the story than you innocent until proven guilty, in our humble opinion.

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